Climate OverPop Change

A short film about the devastating effects of overpopulation on Climate Change.

It is part of the official selection of the 15th edition of the Mobile Film Festival ACT NOW on climate change, in partnership with the United Nations and YouTube Creators for Change. The selection includes 50 films from 25 countries, and was established from 800 films received from 91 countries.
The people faces shown in the video are part of Oliviero Toscani's "Human Race" photographic project.

What will happen when everybody will have to live in the only piece of land left?

Climate OverPop Change was made to spread a message of urgency in a larger scale: it’s not just about let the people be sensible on what the single can do; it is about let them understand why the single should act:
to leave a sign against the government settings that keep going to ignore the main problem the world and consequently humanity have nowadays, still basing all the politics on Business and Economy, acting as the climate change is not happening.