A conference-show taken from Stefano Allievi's latest book,
"La spirale del sottosviluppo. Perche (così) l’Italia non ha futuro." out on May 14, 2020 with Editori Laterza.

Many losers will remain on the field: the dead or injured of this economic and social massacre that will strike blindly, leaving many victims mostly innocent, on the ground.
Who will help them?

A journey into words, audiovisual materials and works of art through Italy's structural weaknesses which are analyzed in five main chapters: demography, immigration, emigration, education and work. These areas are usually investigated separately, but if correlated, they show enormous imbalances, aggravated following the Covid-19 epidemic. They also show disturbing effects that lead to a real downward spiral much more serious than the economic and social crises of the past.
From this analytical cue, the conference-show, taking note that there is a before and after coronavirus, proposes some ways out of a catastrophe announced even before it, based on the construction of a new social pact and another idea of re-starting (Ri/Partire), intended as starting again, but also doing the parts, dividing, in a different way from what has been done up to now.


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